Betta Mansions

Welcome to the most unique betta fish accessory....

 Welcome to Betta Mansions.  
With a passion to create attractive yet, safe environments for betta fish, our fish bowls  have become a  work of art that enhances any room,  office,  college dorm, or special event.

For special events we have developed a collection to add charm, beauty, and elegance, as well as a conversation piece to the center of every table .  With our rental option,   we eliminate the expense of purchasing numerous fish and containers.

Betta Mansions is also a  perfect gift idea for any occasion or treat yourself to a piece of home decor that provides tranquility to any room. Cheer up an office with a gorgeous arrangement that will melt away a stressful atmosphere

Our patented heat-tempered candle inserts are designed especially for Betta Mansions
and are completely safe for our fish.

Special arrangements are needed when combining Betta fish and flowers. Our patent pending designs keep the fish healthy and safe through your entire event. 

Click below to see our designs.



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