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This agreement will begin on the date of order and will remain in full force until the above listed items are returned in the original condition or purchased at the listed replacement price (Repl Price) within two (2) days after event date. Delivery charges are subject to change for orders placed more then NINETY (90) days before event.  Depending on the quantity of the order, we request a 2-3 hour window before the event begins to allow enough time to complete the set up. Additional fees may incur if adequate time is not allotted by lessee for set-up of products. Final quantities are due 14 days prior to event. Payment must be received  5 days prior event date. Quotes are valid for 30 days.   

All items must be returned in the same quantity and condition that the lessee received them in, which means no  tears, rips, stains, or holes. Full replacement cost will apply to any item that Trendy Event Rentals deems unsuitable or missing upon return of the order. All damaged or missing items  will be charged a replacement  fee as indicated on the contract. Replacement costs will be the responsibility of the lessee. The lessee will also be  billed for any excessive cleaning that is needed upon return of the rental items. The decision for replacement, repair costs, cleaning fees is at the discretion of Trendy Event Rentals. Replacement costs will be charged to the lessee on the credit card listed on file.  If a credit card is not available or suitable, client will be notified of outstanding balance.  All returns must be free of food and debris.  Wet items must be allowed to dry before returning.  Additional charges may apply if items are returned wet or contain food or debris.


The lessee may cancel the order at anytime for any reason FROM THE DATE OF THE ORDER UP TO NINETY(90) BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT DATE. HOWEVER, Trendy Event Rentals shall be entitled to retain a cancellation fee valued at 50% of the total contract. Cancellation of the lessee’s order with less than ninety(90) days remaining to event date will result in forfeiture of the entire amount due for products. In the event of postponement, the deposit, minus any non-transferable out-of-pocket expenditures incurred at the time of  notice of postponement is received shall be applied to the rescheduled event, provided that the event is rescheduled to a date within 180 days from the date on which the event was originally scheduled, and provided that the date is available and approved by Trendy Event Rentals. Notice of cancellation or postponement must be made in writing. 


The lessee may adjust the order up until FOURTEEN(14) days prior to the event however, Trendy Event Rentals shall be entitled to include additional charges if any out-of-pocket expenditures incurred because of the adjustment.  Quantities may be reduced up to 25% of the original order. The lessee may adjust the order less than FOURTEEN (14) day prior to event however, Trendy Event Rentals shall be entitled to the full amount of the original rental.  Substitution of betta fish colors maybe necessary to complete the lessee's order.  Substitution of rental items and linen colors maybe necessary to complete the lessee's order.

Special Orders

The lessee shall be entitled to receive a swatch of the color for special order items. Trendy Event Rentals shall not be held responsible for color variation due to differences in dye lots provided by the fabric manufacturer.  Substitutions of linen colors maybe necessary to complete the lessee's order. 
The lessee shall indemnify Trendy Event Rentals and hold Trendy Event Rentals harmless against any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings,
costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including reasonable attorney's fees and costs, arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the
Contract and/or the lessee's use of the rental. 
In the event either party files any legal action or suit to compel the performance of any provision of this Contract, or to seek an interpretation of any Contract terms, the prevailing party shall be entitled to damages, in addition to costs to reasonable attorney fees as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction.
This contract contains the entire agreement between Trendy Event Rentals (lesser) and (lessee). No modifications of this contract shall be effective unless in writing and signed by both parties and witnessed. Weather Conditions: Trendy Event Rentals is not responsible for acts of God. No refunds are given due to inclement or hazardous weather condition or unused products. The terms of this contract between the lessee and Trendy Event Rentals remain valid and in effect for all changes (i.e. addition, deletion, or any changes to the order). 

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