Rental Centerpieces

Coming Soon

Centerpieces are often a large expensive because you may have to buy them for twenty or more tables.

With Betta Mansions, renting or purchasing is an option.

With our beautiful Betta fish we have created center pieces with your choice of candles or flowers adding a unique elegance that will be admired by every guest and remembered for years.

Our coordinator will organize delivery, set up, and pick up for your special occasion.

Centerpieces can start as low as $10.00 per table.

With more then 25 designs to choose from we can make your wish come true.

Designs are also offered without Betta fish.
Out-of-state packages start at $2000.00 including delivery and set-up.

Prices may vary based on zip code.

*Please do not try this with your own products. Our unique patent pending designs are completely betta safe. 









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