Return Instuctions


Please separate extremely soiled or stained fabrics from the rest.

Fabrics MUST be free from all debris. Shake them out well.

Allow wet fabrics to air dry before returning.

Return all products in provided laundry bags or plastic containers. DO NOT return soiled linen in black garment bags.

Untie all sashes and return them to bucket or a laundry bag. Keep wet or soiled sashes separate.

Double check your count before returning items.


Crystal drape MUST BE RETURNED THEY WAY THEY ARE RECEIVED. Crystal drape should be tied with ribbon BEFORE taken down.  Then replace in box.  DO NOT ROLL THE DRAPE on to the rod. 


 All rentals must be returned in the same quantity and condition that the lessee received them in, which means no tears, rips, stains, or holes.  Original

packaging materials must be returned. Full replacement cost will apply to any rental item including linen, chair cover, or sash that Trendy
Event Rentals
deems unsuitable or missing upon return of the order. Replacement costs will be the responsibility of the lessee. The lessee will also be
billed for any
excessive cleaning that is needed upon return of the rental items. The decision for replacement, repair costs, cleaning fees is at the
discretion of Trendy

Event Rentals. Replacement costs will be charged to the lessee on the credit card listed on file.

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